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Banking sector is the backbone of the economy. The statutory audit of banks forms an integral and important part of control mechanism of the regulators, like RBI. It provides the stakeholders’ including the Regulators, a comfort with regard to credibility of the financial information that a bank generates at every year end. Given the nature, scope and volume of transactions undertaken by banks in India, coupled with their geographical spread and the various regulatory directions to which they are subject, audit of the financial statements of banks indeed becomes very challenging for their auditors. For quality bank audits, it is essential that the statutory auditors are well equipped in terms of knowledge of the banking sector and keep themselves abreast with the latest developments. We have more than 15 Years experience in the field of Bank Audit. We have already rendering services to all the Nationalized Bank.

We provide following Bank Audit Services

  • System Audit of Banks
  • Concurrent Audit of Banks
  • Revenue & Stock Audit of Banks
  • Statutory Audits of Nationalized Banks